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Terms and Conditions

General conditions for trainees

Your use of the Masarat Training Center website and browsing its services constitutes your agreement to accept the terms and conditions of the following agreement, and it is a confirmation of your commitment to comply with everything stated in this agreement.

The intellectual property rights of the courses, consultations, articles, and all materials in their sequence in the electronic training system are owned or licensed by the owner of Masarat Training Center.

All transactions, records and electronic signatures are effective and correct, and it is not permissible in any way to deny their validity or enforceability, nor to prevent their implementation because they were made electronically, provided that those transactions, records and electronic signatures were made according to the system.

In the event of a complaint against the trainers or employees, the trainees or users should write to the Masarat Training Center administration via the Contact Us page on the website.

Trainees and users must provide us with all the correct information about them when registering for courses or membership in the Masarat Training Center, such as their full name, country and city, the correct phone number, and any additional data requested at any time, and Masarat Training Center guarantees the confidentiality of the information about participants.

Masarat Training Center will not be responsible for any loss that may occur to the trainees, or users, directly or indirectly, morally or materially as a result of disclosing user name, email, phone number or password information.

The training programs, exercises and tests contained in the courses of the Masarat Training Center have their rights protected by the Masarat Training Center and it is not permissible to copy, modify, broadcast, display, publish or transfer any part of the course contents of the Masarat Training Center in any way from Conditions, whether paper or electronic, except after obtaining permission from the management of the Masarat Training Center.

When registering to join any training course or to obtain one of the services, whether from the site, or from mobile applications, the trainees or users are required to provide specific information and choose a user name and a secret password to use when entering the site, and thus each trainee or user has agreed On the following:

To be primarily responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account information and password. By doing so, he agrees to notify the Masarat Training Center of any unauthorized use or any breach of its confidential information as soon as this occurs.

To be obligated to maintain and update the registration data continuously in order to be synchronized with real time, and if real or correct information is not provided or in violation of what is stated in this agreement, Masarat Training has the right to suspend or cancel membership on the site and without prejudice to Masarat’s rights Training and its other legitimate means of recovering his rights.

Suspend membership or prevent the trainee or user from entering

The Masarat Training Center has the right to suspend membership or prevent access to the trainee or user and not refund the subscription fee if he commits any of the following violations:
allowing others to use his user name and password, or using the user name and password of another user.
Upload, print or retain information or content available on the website or on mobile applications that is inconsistent with what is permitted in this regard.

Attempting to access the server data of the Masarat Training Center website, violating the site’s security, or causing damage to the site in any way. Abuse, defamation, or any inappropriate behavior towards the Pathways Center, the website, or the trainers is considered a violation of the center’s policy, and the center has the right in this case to cancel the trainee’s membership, not to refund his fees, and not to issue a certificate.


All contents of the Masarat Training Center website and/or the e-training system and/or mobile applications, including texts, audio clips, logos, icons, digital downloads, graphic designs, aggregated data and electronic software and others, are owned by the Center. Training tracks and their rights are reserved, and they are protected within the rights and laws of intellectual and creative property.

Money Back

The amounts that you pay to join the courses available in the electronic training system on our website, or to purchase training products, or to benefit from one of the website services, or mobile applications, are non-refundable, and the subscriber is not entitled to recover the amount in one of the following cases :

  • Start the training program or activate the membership.
  • Inability to complete the training program and its requirements, or the electronic test.
  • Or if they violate any of the terms of this Agreement.

In the event of fraud, scientific theft, or transfer of information about the Masarat Training Center to competitors, legal penalties will be applied by submitting a complaint to the competent authorities.


  • You are the trainee who is the legal beneficiary of any course of the Masarat Training Center website that you wish to join through the distance electronic training system.
  • Compliance with all applicable laws and statutory provisions related to the development courses system in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the regulations and laws of using the Masarat Training Center website for e-training.
  • All the information you entered in the registration form for the purpose of enrolling in the courses of the Masarat E-Training Center website is correct.
  • Do not circulate or publish personal information about trainees, or use it in a way that violates their privacy and is inconsistent with applicable laws.

In the event of non-compliance with any of the above, the management of Masarat Training Center has the right to suspend or cancel your membership and prevent you from using the site services, applications or any other services.

Only Masarat Training Center has the right to add or modify any of the terms of this agreement mentioned above.

Therefore, the privacy policy of the Masarat Training Center website is considered a guiding map for the trainee, so please read the laws of this policy before registering on the site, and by registering the trainee, he has agreed to abide by all these laws.